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Uncontested Trial - What to do

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  • Uncontested Trial - What to do

    Can anyone give me some information on what an Uncontested Trial is?

    My ex filed a Motion to Change last August. Due his lack of delay, uncompleted I filed to have his Motion dismissed and it was granted. I have since filed my own Motion to Change, (ex has been dodging system for years and finally has caught up with him. He was arrested for the 3rd time as that he when he had initially filed his motion.) I am seeking retro active child support, ongoing support, post secondary schooling and extra ordinary expenses. He has dodged FRO for years.

    That being said, he did not respond to my Motion to Change, and showed up in court today, without anything...The matter has now been set for an uncontested trial in a week. What exactly is this, and what can I expect? Can anyone help. You help is so appreciated.

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    yo kelly show up!



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      yo kelly.........Just asked my Dad and he says push for something called summary judgement instead of trial.


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        I am not sure what that is. I was in court today and the clerk has issued the "Uncontested Trial" set for one week. So I may be too late for this. I am just unsure in an uncontested trial, does the ex have rights or no? or has he now been pretty muche exempt from everything


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          I am self representing so I spoke to Duty Counsel prior to the court time. He advised the Uncontested Trial.


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            Not sure what that means but I did find this link on the forum.

            see link:


            Summary Judgement:
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              also found this:


              5. What is an uncontested divorce?

              An uncontested divorce is where one spouse files for divorce and the other
              spouse does not respond. If the spouse receiving the Complaint for does
              not respond, after being properly served, then the Court will schedule the
              matter for a short trial. Generally, the Court will grant the divorce at the
              uncontested trial assuming that it has all the information it needs to make a
              full decision.

              6. Do I need a witness an uncontested divorce trial?

              Yes, you are required to bring a witness with you to an uncontested trial.
              You should bring a friend or family member, preferably someone who is
              over 18. They will simply be asked to corroborate that your testimony is true.


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