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settle down during TMC

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  • settle down during TMC

    Hi, guys,

    last Friday, finally both sides reached a deal and settled down in TMC.

    I represent myself, ex had a counsel. twice offer to settle and twice counter offer did not solve the problem before TMC. at the beginning of the TMC, ex's consul see me and show that they have intention to settle down the case. so the counsel jumped between her client and me. we left 20 minutes to the Judge to talk. we wrote down the agreement and let the Judge reviewed and signed as the endorsement of TMC.

    The judge wrote down "settled by parties and counsel. final consent order of SDO per MOS of today. divorce to proceed uncontested." this is my next step.

    CS has been deducted from my paycheck by FRO for a year, based on the court order happened last year.

    as to the procedure of divorce, I have read form 25a, form 36 and something in family law rule. but i still feel unconfidante about the new procedure.

    Can anyone give a rough direction?
    what kind of document should I prepare?
    Is it possible that the court will issue a formal printed court order based on the last court endorsement?

    any responses will be appreciated.

    feb 10, 2011

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    The court will send the printed draft order to the counsel. He will send it to you for approval. You send it back if you agree with its form and content, and then you will receive the order.


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