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Seeking an Ottawa Based lawyer

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  • Seeking an Ottawa Based lawyer

    I am looking for an Ottawa based lawyer who is first of all sympathetic towards single fathers but most of all is willing to work hard to make sure the best possible outcome is pursued for the family as a whole.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    While I will not provide any recommendations, I will say your resource you have is likely the caselaw publicly available on Canlii...all list the lawyer of record and outcome, and it is fairly user-friendly. Do a search that includes "Superior Court" (or provincial, if that is the case), "Ottawa", and spend some time reading.


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      Originally posted by FirstTimeDad View Post
      I am looking for an Ottawa based lawyer...
      If I had a nickel for every time someone asked for a recommendation here...Peeps don't know what time it is.


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        I don't think I would be looking for a lawyer with sympathy, as that is somewhat emotional, but rather one that has empathy and has a clear understanding of the situation on interview.


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          If you meet one who suggests that the first, most important thing you need to do is fill out a financial statement detailing your net worth, take a walk.

          Its only purpose is to figure out how much juice can be squeezed out of you before resolution.

          Just my opinion, of course.



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            And a worthy one at that Gary.

            Reminds me of my legal aid interview where that legal aid employed lawyer aged 50 or so, began a spiel, on how much legal aid actually pays them in salary compared to my own and pointed to a bulletin board outside their office with many other similar vacant positions. I was more than happy to leave, considering.


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              I left you a private message. Good luck.


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                Thank you for the replies. It can be an overwhelming experience trying to find the right fit of a lawyer. Not everyone sees the situations the same. It is true I am looking for a lawyer with empathy over the situation...not sympathy. That was a poor choice of words on my end.

                It is a very difficult situation that requires a balance of empathy, justice, and what is truly best for the child. It seems to me that family law is one big gray area in our legal system.

                Anyhow, thank you again for the words of wisdom and recommendations.


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                  Can you send me a PM concerning a good Ottawa Lawyer

                  Many thanks


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