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uncontested sole custody, no marriage

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    How far away does he live? You could always offer that the CS be reduced (from guideline amount) to offset the costs of him visiting the child for access. Say if it cost him $2000 for flight and accommodations to visit, and he visited twice a year, then you could subtract $4000 from his CS obligations annually.

    I'm guessing that he won't exercise that access, but it would show the court that you have left the door open for him as a parent and also that he understands he has some financial responsibility. It might take a bit of calculations, but it's better that having a support order written up and then not collecting. Much better for him too, since he will not feel like he is signing someting that might come back to bite him in the a$$ if you later decide he should pay


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      That's a good idea if it works. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.


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        I guess most ideas are good if they work.


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          all my ideas are good


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            Billie's idea is actually could set off the cost of yearly child-support with the cost of yearly gain 0...but the courts would be satisfied with that, since you are encouraging the relationship between father and child by allowing it.

            Brilliant, Billie!


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