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Mobility Rights v. Custody and Access

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    Tougher to do with an ex that refuses access and a choice between one child's parents or the other...we moved to be near my son's father after almost a year of access denial with sd.

    Now, we do access interprovincially...and hate that we are so far from one, and so close to one who does not want access.


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      My husband has a little boy aged 6. He is living shared custdy 50/50 between us and his mother and mothers husband. We both live in the east end approx 25 mion away from eacho other. The boy attends school in his mothers area and we drive him back and forth on our week. We have a drafted agreement that states he is to attend school in the mothers area, so long as its within the area that she is currently residing. This agreement is not signed as there were some financial issues with the lawy, but it is what they have been following for the past 3 1/2 years.

      The mother just sent a msg stating that she was looking at new houses and wants to move to the west end of the city. Approx 60 min away from our current residence. She suggested that the boy go to school half way between both parents. My husband and I are concerned because half way between us is downtown Ottawa, and we don't think this is best for the child. The only school options he would have are based on a friends address and are not in the best of areas (surrounded by social housing) In areas with high crime rate, etc. He would be taken away from all his friends, farmiliarities and all his family lives in the East end. We also don't think that we should have to drive even further and spend even more money on gas based on her decision to move, afterall we have been conveniencing her the past 3 years driving 20 min each way so that he could attend school in her area when we have him equal amount, if not more by the amount of times she has asked us to take him on her weeks..

      My husband suggested that there son attend school in our area with all his neighbour hood friends, in a place where he is farmiliar and feels safe (close to one of his parents instead of far away from both) . He could stay with us during the week and the mother could take him three weekends out of the month and have a weekly visit at any time. The only catch with this is that it would reduce her custody to %40 and increase ours to %60 therefore meaning she would no longer recieve child support and I am assuming she will cause a huge fuss about this.

      I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with a situation like this, and what they tink a judge would call.

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