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How to you end the parade of professionals?

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  • NBDad
    Simply what you've already stated.

    "I do not feel it is in the children's best interests to be poked, prodded and analyzed again and again. To date, two separate professional that are totally unaffiliated with each other (OCL and the mediator) have recommended X. Therefore unless you have new information that would show how this latest request is in the best interests of the children, I do not consent to it"

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  • lumpy
    started a topic How to you end the parade of professionals?

    How to you end the parade of professionals?

    I posted this in a previous thread, but probably should have one to itself...

    How can you stop the cycle when one parent constantly asks for children to be analyzed, questioned, evaluated by professionals?

    For example is mom asks for OCL to be involved... doesn't hear what she wants from them... asks for a mediator to talk to the children and assess the situation... again, doesn't hear what she wants to... basically just wants to keep going until she finds someone somewhere who tells her what she wants to hear. She believes that this one opinion will instantly invalidate all of the other evidence that is piling up from every other professional who she has gotten involved.

    What legal steps to you take to stop someone from playing that game?

    Or if they ask you to agree to it how do you refuse to allow the children to keep going through that without looking like you have something to hide in front of a judge?

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