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Orders at Trial managment conference

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    So the other parent is effectively consenting to re-establishing the kids relationship and contradicting the OCL recommendation.

    The other parent is basically stating that you are beneficial to the kids. Your kids are aged 12 and 14. Children are yielded the right to withdrawal from parental control at aged 16 and not before.

    There's nothing saying the OCL can't attend potential supervised access at a Mcdonalds or Mall etc to conduct observations of the children's interaction with you as their report appears deficient in this regard.


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      kids had several meetings with OCL, and at this point they dont want to meet with me(alianation is unbelivible, its like some one switched my kids). cant makethem meet their father by force and obviosly ex does not help.

      Is there an order I can ask for?


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        If it was me, I would seek leave for interim supervised access prior to expedited trial and have the OCL to supervise.

        Out of curiosity, In the hiatus of no contact - Have you been making inquiries concerning their health, welfare and education to the other parent? Have you been sending Birthday cards, xmas greetings and other stuff throughout? What about your extended family if applicable.


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          well we all tried, birthday cards, gifts( they said that they donated it), we trided to see them at school (on lunch breaks) my children didn't even came out. we are constantly inquiring throug mutual friends, but as far as i been told through OCL and another side they hate all of us including their grandparents.

          there are more crazy alianation details, but they are to personal


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            Parent alienation is serious and the court can order your children to attended supervised visitation. Your ex would have to take them there and you could meet with them under supervision to try and rebuild your relationship. I know that CAS does this and I think the united way might as well. Check it out.

            There is only on way to get past this and that is to be patience with your kids. Everyone does stupid crap when they are young and unfortunately, they will probably grow up and regret this later. The point is that you will still be there...


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              If your parents have been committed to your kids as much as you say they have been - I think I would also be taking steps to amend pleadings and add them, the grandparents as a party. I think I would also make arrangements that they attend the TC. Tip the scale so to say.

              I agree with much that Pharah mentioned other than PAS is somewhat taboo and seldom recognized by the courts of Ontario. It's difficult to show considering "on paper" the other parent is supporting the access and reinstatement of the relationship. Who cares what undermining attempts the other parent may be actually doing behind the scenes -- It's difficult to show.

              What the OCL appears to be saying is "Look the kids are age 12 and 14 and it's their right to sever their relationship with their parent and extended family because the kids told us. If the kids told the OCL that they wanted to quite school next week -- Would they be supporting that initiative as well? Their reasoning is weak at best.

              What the OCL should be doing is looking at ways to reintroduce you into the life of the kids in the interim rather than, sadly, contest.

              Lastly, I don't know much about the fallen out between you and your kids -- But generally children are taught to forgive and it's okay to make a mistake from time to time. Learn from it. We're only human. Giving them the absolute discretion to severe the relationship at this age with no evidence of substantial harm would be an err all it itself.
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