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    It looks as if I will be letting go of my lawyer and self representing. (I will be sending a notification of change in representation)

    Does anyone have any advice on what I need to obtain from them (the lawyer) regarding my case this far? Are there things I can or can't use? Are there things I should be aware of that I might not know about?

    As the applicant does my lawyer have a copy of the continuing record, or is it maintained by the court?

    This case is going to have to go to trial. Is it necessary to go through a settlement conference before a trial management conference?

    I need to talk to my lawyer monday.

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    If I recall correctly from personal experience, it is your lawyer's obligation to send you the documents you're entitled to. If you're unsure whether your lawyer will do so, simply request them kindly.

    As for the continuing record... that's maintained by the courthouse.


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