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Driver Licence Suspention & FRO

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  • Driver Licence Suspention & FRO

    Aperantly my refraining order expired on July 13 and my driver licence is suspended now.

    I am paying my support every month but not the full amount 50% ($300.00).

    What can I do to get my licence back ( I need it to work, I am driving for a living.)

    I would like to know what is " motion to stop enforsment".

    Thank You.

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    As far as I know from experience, you have 2 options:

    1. Pay what you owe in arrears; or
    2. Ask the support recipient to contact FRO and request the driver's license suspension be revoked as you require your license for work and to exercise your access to your child(ren). [If you take this route, FRO will send a garnishee summons to Revenue Canada instead.]

    Have you tried calling and discussing the issue with FRO?

    I know they are difficult to deal with and my husband and I have encountered more problems with them we'd like to admit. But we called FRO to discuss our latest issue (being reported to the Credit Bureau for not paying arrears that FRO claims my husband owes by calculating support based on an out-dated court order) and after some detailed explanation and begging and pleading, they agreed to put the enforcement on hold until they obtain the latest court order and recalculate the payments.

    Maybe you too will happen upon an understanding FRO agent... though they are rare! ;-)


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      Thank you, but unfortunatly first point is impossible to fullfil I am paying the maximum I can, and the second point is also not doable, becase my ex is very bitter person. I didn't see my children for the past 2 years (PAS).


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        I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can go to court to ask for a reduction based on your circumstance? Maybe you'll be lucky and the judge will give you some relief by reducing your child support and putting in place a reasonable payment plan to repay your arrears.


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          I tried that in february my ex have a lawyer, i brought a moution to reduce,

          I got hammered realy bad, Judge was terrible, and basicly i got nothing that I was asking for.


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            That unfortunately does happen. When my husband lost his job and brought a motion to reduce, he was hammered badly by the judge too (for not preventing job loss). He set another conference to revisit the motion 4 months later and got castrated by the judge for not having found a decent job (as he lost the job he found during those few months). He even got slapped $1500 in costs. We were down... mentally, financially, emotionally. But we set another conference and happened upon a knowledgeable and logical judge who could clearly see the injustice and who made a reasonable order... finally!

            Sometimes, even in family court, if you fail... you try and try again.

            I wish you the best of luck in getting a fair ruling.


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              I forgot to add...

              While my husband was going through the court process, he was able to put a hold on FRO's enforcement tactics by informing them that he was in court for child support and informing them about the outcomes of the court dates and whether or not the issue had been resolved or whether there was another upcoming court date.


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                Thank you, it sounds like dejavu, this is exsactly the same that happend to me in court, I had a surgery and was not able to work for six month and i got hammerd with 1500.00 cost plus 1200.00 paragraph 7


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                  Do you know if I can apply for refreining order for the second time ( after the first one expired)?


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