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Changing schools.

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  • Changing schools.

    Can my ex stop me from moving into the same school district as him? Can he put an order on the children to stay in the same school where they are (they are not in his school district either). I want to stop their 90km commute and move into the same area as him. Right now the arrangement is perfect for hiim because he works in the city where the kids go to school. I want to move back to where the kids used to go to school. This will upset his drop off pick up arrangements (we share them a week about). I don't want them to commute, I want them to go back to the community where they were, and with their old friends in a smaller town (than in the big city where they are now...temporarily). He doesn't want me to move back and threatens to get an Order for them to stay in the school where they are. I want to move back to where we were living close to him where I also have lots of support and friends. Any thoughts? What would a judge say? He's also threatened to move farther away If I make any changes in where I live. Very controlling. Not one for joint custody, but unfortunately the status quo has been set. We haven't had a trial yet. Should I still seek sole custody from this selfish controlling person? He wants to take the 7 year old out of french immersion also. My son is doing well in it and I hope to put my other one in this year to start jk. Can he take them out of FI?

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    The courts will look at what is best for the children over what is most convenient for him. Build your case around how the move will benefit the kids.

    I don't think they will get involved in deciding on french immersion or not but, IMO, if your kids are in FI and doing well then it's the best thing for them to grow up bilingual and provides them with great opportunities for the future. Does he say why he'd want to take them out?

    It sounds like he's just making threats to inconvenience you if you go against his wishes. I would call his bluff and if he's really dumb enough to move FARTHER away from his children just to spite you then let him.


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      Originally posted by Rhonda&Kids View Post
      I want to stop their 90km commute and move into the same area as him. Right now the arrangement is perfect for hiim because he works in the city where the kids go to school. I want to move back to where the kids used to go to school.
      Can you please clarify what's going on here? Are you saying that the kids are commuting 90 km's to school every day on a week about basis? That's crazy.


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        I left very abruptly b/c the violence was escalating and he refused to leave (i was his house first). He consented to me enrolling the children into a school near my mothers house 45km away from him. I atteneded school here to and now that I'm finished in August and since he won't agree to move closer here, I've decied to move back to his area. He's happy with commuting kids to school bc its convienent for him (we works down here also).
        I don't wish to see my kids commute and had tried get an access schedule where they were with me 4 days of the school week to lessen the commute but b/c I haven't had competent lawyers and lately no representation at all (financial issues) I have fallen into a status quo that no lawyer is willing to fight. I beleive to resolve this I will move near him and do the commute myself (just as he does) and leave the kids to go to school in their own community.


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          Sounds like this isn't in the plan, but the best thing is for you and the kids to live close to the school they go to if at all possible. It will feel like "home" to them, rather than trying to break into a group of kids that will already know each other from their own local school. There's no school commute for you or them, and in the evenings and weekends they will have their own school friends to play with.

          The best thing is taking your kids to the park and they already know half of the kids that will be there.



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            I can't see why he would fight that. You are bringing the kids back to where they have friends, their old school and stopping a long commute. Yes, they have friends and are comfortable in the school they are in.. but he can't argue the reduction in commute, or the fact that they will be much closer to him (and he would be better able to participate in parenting)


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