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which version of form 13 (financial statement) to fill out?

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  • which version of form 13 (financial statement) to fill out?

    I have to file the answer. Because my ex wants spousal support I have to fill out form 13, financial statement.
    It seems there are 2 versions. From the website (at this moment it is down, the forms are not accessible)
    I got another from the ex's lawyer which has a "part 2: expenses Poposed Budget" page. The downloaded form doesn't have this part. So which is the one to use?

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    Form 13 is to be filed is there is a claim for support, but no claim for property or exclusive possession of the matrimonial home.

    Form 13.1 is to be filed where there is a claim for property and/or exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, whether or not spousal support is being claimed.

    So, based on the information you have given it would seem that you would need to file the form 13. As for "proposed budget", on Part 4 of this form, you can either give an exact MONTLY BUDGET (who REALLY knows from month to month what their expenses are going to be) or a PROPOSED BUDGET. If you chose to file a porposed budget, take that form, white out the words "TOTAL EXPENSES" and put in "PROPOSED BUDGET" so that the judge who will look over the form knows the difference.


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      The balance of the income/expenses in my current monthly budget right now comes out to exactly 0. Likely something must be squeezed out to pay the child support, which is given amount based on a table. But in front of the judge does it matter that there is not much to pay from when he/she determines the amount of the spousal support?


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