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Laws Governing Family Court

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  • Laws Governing Family Court

    With Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia all being under Commonwealth Law, a law that shouldn't be mixed with Federal Law (in-house laws of a country, but is) does that law still apply to the Family Courts in the same way. What I'm trying to say are all Family Courts then covered by International law. If so without a Queen who has renounced and stated verbally that she is Britain's Queen, whilst America had separated some couple of hundred years before who then can the public take issues too.

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    Here is a federal canadian law that is in force and has roots that date back to England. It appears the law has never been reformed.


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      Another thought that comes to mind in regards to laws pertaining to international boundaries is the HAGUE CONVENTION.

      The Hague Convention only applies between countries that have ratified it.

      An act in Ontario that has ties to the Hague Convention is the
      Children's Law Reform Act R.S.O 1990 Chapter c.12

      Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

      SECTION 46

      Countries that have ratified the Hague Convention can be found here

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