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No Judges in Family Court

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  • No Judges in Family Court

    How can there be a legal system when there are no Judges in the Family Court and Registrars administer Judgments where it has been acknowledge there was no Judge over them. I have found the wording of Transcripts pasted on the internet inaccurate and even who versed who inaccurate. What can be done?

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    If you are referring to transcripts of jurisprudence published at can law or any other case law site or publisher, they generally all have a disclaimer. For accuracy you should always refer to the actual case or the continuing record of same.

    The jurisprudence websites are reference material for research purposes and only that.

    As per their disclaimer which can be found here

    E. Disclaimer of Warranty

    11. The documents published and posted on the CanLII website have been gathered and organized for user convenience. CanLII makes considerable efforts to maintain its website and to ensure high quality control over the published collections and documents. Nonetheless, CanLII, LexUM, the University of Montreal nor the partners of CanLII's website give any warranties to the User as to the proper functioning of the CanLII website, of services offered and the accuracy of documents published on CanLII. The User understands and accepts the possibility of technical difficulties and service interruptions on the CanLII website. The User also understands and accepts that collections and documents published and posted on the CanLII website might be incomplete or inaccurate.

    F. Disclaimer of Liability

    12. CanLII, LexUM, the University of Montreal nor the partners of CanLII's website cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use of the CanLII website, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing:

    The use made of any collection or any published document containing erroneous or omitted information; The unavailability of documents, service interruption and problems with access to published documents;
    The use made of documents available on any outside site to which CanLII provides a hypertext link.
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