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    My Ex verbally and emotionally abused me and my daughter (Not his). My daughter has told a counsellor, myself and my mom. My mom filed an afidavit with what my daughter told her, plus some things she has seen him do to me, which is minor compared to what he does when there isn''t anyone else there. My daughter would call my mom when he was abusing me and would call her for comfort. He is dening all accusations, of course, I dont expect any truth from him. My lawyer doesn't feel comfortable using my daughter and says that a judge might look down at this. My ex doesnt want to get the childrens lawyer involved (said not neccessary in a previous motion), My question is, should I push for a childrens lawyer to be involved and has anyone done this and what was the outcome. Or anyone have any other advice I could use to proove he is lying.

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    Do a search in this forum on Office of the Children's Lawyer. There is a ton of information. Here's my story:


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