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Ex is trying to deplete my resources.. I think!?

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  • Ex is trying to deplete my resources.. I think!?

    Once I file an application + motion and serve my ex, can I amend the application at a later date - then send updated application to my ex?

    Not sure if I should start the process on my own, then have a lawyer look at what I did so far and make his amendments, or not. Will the lawyer charge me as if s/he did the whole process anyway, before making the amendments?

    I think my ex might just be waiting for me to spend big chunk of my money before she settles.

    What do you think. Should I start the court process then bringing the lawyer into it if indeed my ex wants to do battle?

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    When to hire a lawyer ?

    I guess the main question here is: When do you absolutely need a lawyer in a court process, especially in a custody/Access case ?


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      Sorry, its hard to comment on your question without any details. If you are just looking for some general idea, there has been lot of discussion in this forum about this issue. Just try looking up "without lawyer" or similar phrases in the search and you will get tons of results.


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