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How Stop wife from leaving the province with children

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  • How Stop wife from leaving the province with children

    Hello I need your help, what is the best way to enforce the wife from leaving the province with the children and what should I do if she does. I know the letter of the law says she cant without my written permission but how do I enforce this

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    Search this forum on "mobility" and you will find tons and tons of debate and information. Some of the recent threads are real good.


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      You need to provide more details about your situation such as age of children, current custody/access arrangements etc.

      If there is no court order that prohibits her from moving with children, you are out of luck. You can always get a court order on a expedited basis (called emergency or ex-parte motion) if you can prove to the court that your ex is planning to move without your consent and that the move will seriously harm the children.


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