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Motion for Adjournment

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  • Motion for Adjournment

    I am going to family court tomorrow in Ottawa for a motion hearing. I suspect my ex-spouse is planning to submit a motion for adjournment at the hearing.

    Does anyone know if this is allowed?


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    I found this

    Tribunal Proceedings - Motion for Adjournment

    and this

    Ministry of the Attorney General - Family Law Resources
    it states -
    I can't attend a court date that has already been arranged, what should I do?
    • You should inform your lawyer or the other parties as soon as possible that you can't be there and need to reschedule.
    • If you are requesting the court date be moved to a later date (an adjournment), you should file a Form 14B: Motion form. You should note on that form whether or not the other parties agree with your request.
    • If you are requesting an adjournment because of an emergency, you should contact the family court office as soon as possible.


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      Who brought the motion?

      They can ask, doesn't mean they will get it, you can advise that you don't agree with it.

      What is the reason for the motion?


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        If you disagree, and then during your sitting, the judge agrees that their reasons for requesting adjournment were valid, you can be liable for your ex's costs.

        My ex requested adjournements repeatedly, and my lawyer let them do it. Unfortunately, it meant that after the initial motion for access/custody (I got 2x3 hours/week, mom got temp sole custody), the ONLY progress in court after ONE YEAR and $50K was that the judge recommended I get another 3 hours/week. Bloody useless.


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