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Does your lawyer contact you?

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  • Does your lawyer contact you?

    I am having problems with my lawyer. I never ever hear from her unless she has information to pass on to me from my ex's lawyer. Here is an example: Ex's lawyer sent me a request for information that was to be submitted by the end of November. I got it done and dropped it off at my lawyer's office. I asked the receptionist to date stamp it received. My covering letter with the information told my lawyer to pass this on to ex's lawyer. I did not feel a meeting with my lawyer was necessary. Now here it is two months later and I find the information has never been sent to ex's lawyer!! This is not the first time this has happened. My emails go unanswered; letters remain unanswered, phone calls not acknowledged, etc. I hate to change lawyers as I have paid this lawyer $10,000.00 over the past 2 years. I am so frustrated. I am wondering if anyone else has slow moving, unresponsive lawyers.

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    i would report the lawyer to the law society. He is not even doing the most basic things for you and you have paid that much to him already. I would be pissed.


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      Lawyers are bound by a code of professional conduct, which includes handing client matters in a timely manner. You can file a complaint with the law society if you feel your lawyer has been acting in a manner that is not in line with the code. (Be prepared to be able to document specific instances and back it up with documentation)

      Assuming you keep this lawyer, you know that either the secretary is inept, or the lawyer has overextended themselves and is TOO busy.

      I would therefore spend the $10 or so to send such items via REGISTERED MAIL. That way they have to sign for it and you are covered.

      I would book a meeting with your lawyer ASAP to set expectations regarding contact times/methods. Some questions you can ask would be things like: What is the best method of contact? (phone, email, etc) and what kind time on a response can I reasonably expect from it? (ie. a day? a week?).


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