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Separation agreement valid after simple divorce

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  • Separation agreement valid after simple divorce

    Hi....quick run down. Have been separated from my husband for almost 6 months. A legal separation agreement was made and signed. I was told that I had to wait the one year from his departure to file for divorce. In the meantime he has purchased a house with the girlfriend he was cheating on me with. I hate that I am still legally married to him and was told by the lawyer there was no way to speed the process up but read that there is no waiting period for a simple divorce when adultery is the cause. Now I want the speedy divorce and husband has agreed it will be uncontested. If I pursue the simple divorce will the separation agreement still be valid. I don't want to do anything to muck up the conditions of the agreement plus I understand that a simple divorce can't deal with anything other than a uncontested process. I can't get out of this fast enough!! Thanks.

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    Adultery isd not considered grounds fro divorce......sorry.....grounds are really irrelevant when its amicable.......just wait your year....I understand you are nto liking being married to him but such is the law and after one calendar year you can file then 90 days later it will be granted


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      No, the only ground for divorce is.........

      breakdown of the marriage. If there is cause then the courts will consider a divorce prior to the one year (which is no cause).


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