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Can my lawyer berate me?

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  • Can my lawyer berate me?

    Ex and I are trying to start division of assets. Now I have heard, through a mutual friend, that my ex claims that my lawyer has been saying things that belittle me to my ex's lawyer. Apparently my lawyer was recently talking about the division of assets to ex's lawyer and my lawyer explained to the opposing lawyer that I could not grasp what was required within division of assets and that my lawyer was getting fed up with my ongoing requests. Do you think this can be true- that my lawyer would say such things about me to the opposing lawyer? What should I do about this? I have not heard from my lawyer for several weeks so it is hard to tell if she truly is on my side.

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    It would be completely unprofessional to act this way, and possibly a breech of client priviledge.

    However your ex is certainly capable of making crap up to say to their friends. Secondly, hearing this third or fourth hand leaves a lot of room for mistakes. Did your ex's lawyer say that, or someting else that got twisted and reworded several times?

    Without mentioning the incident, ask your lawyer if he believes you understand equalization and are making reasonable requests. If your lawyer thinks you are wrong then he will tell you.


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      i think iot is just a mind game your ex is playing to make you start to distrust you lawyer. He probably feels that if he gets you to doubt your lawyer then you will be easier to fleece


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        If your lawyer is condescending -- I would think such would question their obligations of professional conduct. However, don't get side tracked. If its not on paper don't worry about it.


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          Mine did

          Hi: My lawyer berated me just before going into Court. So in Court, I just agreed to everything. Heck I was ever scared to pour water into the glass. Thank god the Sheriff realized I was having trouble and came over and poured it for me.

          I dismissed that lawyer and as my other posts state, I am going self-rep.


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            This thread is two and a half years old.


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              Oops Sorry

              Originally posted by blinkandimgone View Post
              This thread is two and a half years old.
              Sorry Blink! I really need to learn to read. My mistake.


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                Even posts that are older have benefit to members and newcomers.

                Just sayin'


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                  If you are wondering about anything like this, ASK the lawyer if it's true. Don't "wonder" ... Get an answer.


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