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  • financial statement help

    Financial due soon, income is any where for 70 hours one month, 95 another and 120 anothet, when I do my financial statement, which month should I base everything off of. I think middle one but I don't want ro screw myself.
    Any. Thoughts

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    I am self employed and have variable income throughout the year. My expenses also vary, so this applied to my budget statement I had to include.

    I took everything for the past year and then divided by 12. I do almost all of my shopping by debit and pay all bills online so I just had to go through 12 bank statements to do a breakdown of each expense. It took me probably a half hour altogether.


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      Yes, all they want is your gross. You do KNOW they cannot garnish you in any way because you own your own business.


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        Do you have an gauranteed amoung of hours?? If you put the most they will apply the amount based on that. You will screw yourself, plus , getting reduced is hell and it could take months. In the mean time all the amount that's accumalating will not be reduced, the arrears will stand. It will only reduce the following month after decision.


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          Figure out what you make for the entire year, and divide it by 12.


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