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zWife sets record s spousal 111,000 a month

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    that is exactly what my ex started to do since we separated March'08. First HE made the separation agreement and changed it 4 times and left it to the last day before I had to move into my new house (with 3 kids) well knowing that if I didn't sign it I couldn't close the deal on the house and the old owners would sue me for the loss of the "deal". So I signed the separation agreement (under duress). He already made an ammendment 4 months later because I asked him to pay for our son's shrink, and our daughters glasses. How stupid. So what happened. He ended up paying for his "extra" expenses (that were clearly on the agreement) He wasted my money and his own . Now he's going after me again because he Magically makes half of his income as a VP of a Huge chemical company. Bull shit...I took him to the FRO and you guys know that story... if not , look back at my previous posts. I am living on 1/4 of his salary, I had to hire a forensic accountant that discovered that YES IN DEED he is hiding money, he's in kahoots with his CFO of the PAPA company. His company is one of 6 that the PAPA company owned, so they can't call him an owner , so they gave him the title of VP. But he is the king of that place. So here I am, screwed over by a selfish bastard who really doesn't care about the welfare of his kids. If he did then he would pay for my sons soccer, my both daughter who are/were competative dancers, eye glasses. there are lots more I don't need to bore everyone. His issue is that I don't deserve to get the money and "GO GET A JOB" I stayed home for 18 years, gave up my career, did EVERYTHING, cut grass, snow removal, you name it, I did it. and this is what I get for bringing up 3 amazing well rounded kids. I can say that I raised them because he never was around. He travelled for a living and got laid when ever he could...found this out later....ANd i was the loyal 5'4" petite blonde who took care of herself, worked out, when I could, and he still wanted to get it from someone else....So, self esteem 0 none, I have no self confidence, self esteem, he really did a good one on me. Life is so fair!!!!!


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      this is so unbelievable (this of course is personal opinion)....she deserves equal share of assets for sure.......does he live on 111000$ a month? Does it really cost 111000$ a month to maintain your accustomed lifestyle? I am divorced woman with custody of one child......I believe this and the other case of the man ordered to pay 35000$ in child support are both examples of women taking the man for a ride (agian a personal opinion here)......another question that comes to mind is what if the tables were turned what the same result be happening? Just a question that I have been wondering.


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        Well, the couple in this article were married for over 30 years. I do believe that a marriage is a partnership and she has full entitlement to half of the assets achieved during those 30+ years.

        Whether she deserves spousal support of over $1 million per year on top of that is another question, but the judge knows more about the case than I can learn from a 1 paragraph news article.

        The article in the news paper lists a number of expenses including the upkeep of a multimillion dollar mansion she got out of the settlement. The upkeep on a place like that, including maintainence, housekeeper, etc puts her monthly expenses over $80,000, apparently. This is a couple who have full time live in staff.

        So the question is, for someone this wealthy who has been married for 30+ years, is this kind of settlement unreasonable? We can't even conceive of this kind of lifestyle. Usually these cases are settled out of court, so the details aren't public. Think of Paul McCartney, or Madonna, what were their settlements like for marriages that lasted 1/10 as long?

        The husband in this situation is hardly suffering, it's not he's in a one room apartment in a cockroach infested flophouse eating catfood. His lifestyle still exceeds hers.

        To scared1, this situation does not resemble yours in the slightest, unless you were married over 30+ years and the entire family assets were built up during this time.


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          there you go twisiting the subject again......we are discussing the landmark SS payment this woman will receive and the possibility that if tables were turned would the man be also entitled to same.......NOT YOUR SPECIFIC CASE
          If a woman stays home to raise children (hardest job in the world- however I would say the same if a man stayed home to dot he same).........this discussion has nothing to do with a lady with severe MS or anyone with disabilities........if a wife/husband has no job skills then they better get some and become self sufficient.......job skills or no job skills how does that justify 111,000$ per month in SS???


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