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Spousal Support buy out

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  • Spousal Support buy out

    How would you word the court order stating that the spousal support is a buy out. Ie, SS ends in a few months but want to pay 1 lump sum.

    Last payment of SS, will now end on (date). A lump sum of XXX will be due by (date). (name of person) is not entitled to any future SS payments.

    I want to make sure that they dont come back to claim any more at a future date

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    You can word the spousal support portion something like this:

    "Person X is to receive from Person Y a time-limited, fixed spousal support amount of $XXX, to be paid according the the following schedule:

    $AAA per month from DATE to DATE;
    $BBB per month from DATE to DATE."

    You can also add in - just to be 100% clear - that upon payment of that fixed amount Person X forgoes all future claims to spousal support.

    I would definately NOT pay any of it in a lump amount. If you pay it in a lump amount, you can't claim it on your taxes. If you pay a monthly amount dictated by a court order, you can claim it at tax time and get a chunk back. If you were planning on paying $4000 in a lump sum, for example, just say you'll pay $1000 per month for 4 months.


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