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  • Court Order incorrect

    So I had all my issues wrapped up in court a few months back. At that final appearance, there was only one issue outstanding and we haggled that out with a mediator. The final text for this matter was going to be written up by the court clerk and added to the final order.

    When I received the final order, this issue wasn't described exactly in the way in which it was presented in court. I wasn't terribly concerened at the time, as it only pertained to this summer and the ex and I were proceeding as we had agreed. There didn't seem any point in going back to court to address an issue which wasn't being questioned and would likely be long over by the time it went in front of a judge anyhow.

    Well, the ex has found a way to get into a tizzy over things at the last minute here and she is now trying to use the miswording as a way to fundamentally change the spirit of our agreement to her own financial benefit. I will be quick to remind her of the numerous loopholes I could exploit in my favour if she wants to exchange the civility and goodwill I've worked to establish between us for self-serving nitpicking. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that - especially over such a minor financial issue.

    The point I am making here is that you really really need to look over your court order once you have it. Look for problems with the wording and get them corrected immediately. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where we all didn't have to be lawyers?

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    Ick, how frustrating is that?!

    We've encountered similar problems... mostly with wording that allowed for various interpretations, which naturally caused disagreements and arguments. We actually had to go back to court with the same issues to have the re-ordered (though sadly, the outcome as it once stood wasn't always the same).

    Honestly, I feel like I could go write the barr exam myself and pass with flying colours!


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