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marriage counsellor suggestion needed in Toronto

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  • marriage counsellor suggestion needed in Toronto

    I assume every counsellor is somewhat biased towards fathers or mothers one way or another despite what they advertise. can someone recommend me a marriage counsellor who's fair or at least not a man hater or with no resentful past towards men?

    I want to avoid divorce, but at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if my wife decides to take off with my daughter and to file divorce in Europe where she's from and keep my daughter there for good.


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    You can call the passport office and place the restriction on the passport for your daughter. Your wife won't be able to get this passport renewed and go abroad without your permission. You can call customs and ask them to create a file for your child with warning on possible parental abduction. After you've done that, you can inform your wife that if the divorce is unavoidable you're going to fight for your child to the end.
    Your wife might be more agreable to your suggestions after she sees that you're dead serious.


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