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    Originally posted by DivorcedDad51 View Post
    There is an easy and straight forward recourse for getting child support paid by parent's who don't want to pay. Mind you, there are situations where child support is paid to mothers, yet fathers (on top of paying child support) pay for all things such as extra curricular activities, winter clothing/boots, school activities, etc. while the mother lives it up collecting money as though it belongs to her and not the child(ren).

    Yes, you do sound like a fool, but we knew that in reading your posts.
    In these instances I don't understand why dads just don't pay. Mom knows you are going to do it so why do it? Say no. Ignore. If it works for her it works for him. Kid won't suffer. Mom will get it through their head and do something.

    If dad is going to be manipulated into doing it then he shouldn't complain.


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