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    I’m in the process of retaining new counsel however my new lawyer will require all previous material filed with the court. Is there any other way to obtain this material aside from accessing the continuing record (spending money photocopying) Any chance my previous lawyer can provide this information? Any other advice would be appreciated to bring my new lawyer update.


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    Ask your outgoing lawyer for their files. There will be a cost but you will have all the documents.

    Alternatively you can print all your copies if you have them electronically. Or photocopy it yourself.

    The new lawyer may ask for a copy of the continuing record from the court which will also be a fee.

    It will cost you something, just decide which cost is cheaper and which process is easier.


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      I'm not sure, but there shouldn't be any additional costs since you've already paid for their work. As long as your lawyer's paid up to date, they should hand over your whole file which should include the entire record for you new lawyer.


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