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Divorce application 13 years later.

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  • Divorce application 13 years later.

    Hello all,
    I have been legally separated since 2011. 13 years later I'm still married to this woman.
    We both filed divorce applications, went to trial in 2013, went again to court in 2016. In 2016 we agreed on everything else. At that time, her lawyer told my lawyer to withdraw my divorce application for hers to proceed.
    After that, we both fired out lawyers as we were basically done. Since then, my ex has refused to proceed with her divorce application, since, as she puts it, she does "not need to or want to".
    I need to get divorced as I have a new family and want to formalize my new situation. We are moving out of Canada and I need to be married to my new partner to facilitate immigration.
    What can I do to get divorced? Is there a way to get around her application?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Apply for a divorce. If the order was finalized and nothing further is owing you can file for divorce.


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