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  • Ottawa divorce lawyer

    Hi everyone,
    Can anyone recommend a fierce, cutthroat lawyer in the Ottawa area?
    Several properties and business will have to be looked at and I don't have access to much of the information unfortunately. I don't know how I let myself get in that position but most of the financials I don't have access to. Thanks.

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    You may want to do a bit of research on what you are entitled to, what are assets and what the court has decided before going in to see a lawyer who may blow smoke up your ass and inflate your bill. You can have a cut throat lawyer but they aren't magicians.

    Look through your local directory and then look them up on the lawyer ratings site and also search their names on

    Search the forum too as there may have been recommendations in previous threads.

    Of note—the cut throat lawyers normally charge $$$$ rates and you pay even if you lose. Having the knowledge of entitlements and being prepared with realistic expectations (and being reasonable) will stop you from losing money.


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      Thank you rockscan for your reply


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