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Feedback on Focus Trial on Financial Matter- Written Submissions only

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  • Feedback on Focus Trial on Financial Matter- Written Submissions only

    Hi All- Appreciate any point of view of this question. We are 3 years in the Court process (1 year mediation and 3 years with an open file) and still at "to be spoken to" and "Case Conference" stage. There are both financial matters and children's matters in contention. There is currently discussion to bifurcate the issues and move forward with a focused trial on the financial matters by way of written submission only. This would essentially be a written submission and then a 1-2 hour oral presentation to the judge by both counsel. A decision would be based on the submission and presentation. Are there pros/cons to this? Has anyone gone through it? My partner and I guesstimate it could take many months/year for a decision? There are 4 interpretive trial-able financial matters in the case including 1)imputed income 2)opening up a consent order/going behind a signed agreement 3) starting a new business with a new partner 4)length of spousal support. Thank you all.

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    nevermind! figured it out
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