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How to file for divorce as a respondent?

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  • How to file for divorce as a respondent?

    My ex is the applicant and started the divorce application but he never followed through with it (no affidavit for divorce filed, no fee paid - I confirmed this with the court).

    I am the respondent and agreed to the divorce application in my response and also asked the court to issue an order for child support and custody. Everything else was already settled in a Memorandum of Understanding through a mediator (ie. matrimonial home, debts/assets, etc).

    During the course of getting the child support/custody order, he never participated at all in the proceedings. The judge issued an uncontested trial/final order for everything I asked for. Except the divorce. They're saying since he's the applicant, he has to follow through on it. But he hasn't contacted me or the kids since 2019 so I have no way of asking him to follow through.

    Do I have any options as the respondent to file for divorce and get the divorce order issued? I asked the court but they said he would need to do it since he started it.

    Any help with this is appreciated...
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