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  • Communication ie calls/texts/FB etc

    Greetings all and thank you in advance for any thoughts.

    Currently EOW and a mid week four hours after school and headed towards a trial for 50/50 parenting time and terms. Everything else is settled.

    I am not asking this question from a sense of when parties have a high conflict situation as we do but from a perspective of a child's contact with a parent whom they are not currently living with.

    The child is 6 1/2.

    What communication is happening these days with non conflict or low conflict parents ie Facebook kids messengers, phone calls, Zoom calls, texts , etc ie how are children this age and above communicating with the non resident parent?

    Thank you in advance for any thoughts.

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    Is this a legal question or a parenting question?

    From a parenting point of view I would think that scheduled calls and calls upon the other parents request to the resident parent for time are the windows for communication.

    Video conferencing where the camera is fixed and cannot be moved about by the child seems wise as if the place is even slightly messy or they seem something else they don't like could set off the other parent.

    The frequency I don't know, depends on the parents.


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      Thank you and yes it is for parenting, not legal.

      I am also wondering about text communication via the ipad, phone or what have you.

      Wondering what a rule if thunb so to speak is.

      If he is currently with his mom 85% of the time then until I go to trial and get 50/50 PT I would obviously like communication with our child.


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        This would creep into a legal question:

        Scheduled calls/texts an d such from parent to child only unless otherwise arranged with other parent
        and the child should be free to contact the other parent as they wished but also within reason.

        Video communication in this day and age is best for keeping a child's connection.
        If it looks like a parent is intruding on the other parents time then it can be frowned upon. Let the other parent parent first so ask your "mom" or "dad on that one" will be said a lot.
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          I hear you and thank you for your thoughts.

          That being said, do you think that four zoom calls weekly set up would be fair in today's day and age.

          If so, how long could each call be scheduled for.

          Child is six


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            I don’t know. Someone else will have to say for a 6year old but the extra calls are a good idea.

            canlii may have some examples of what went on before a trial and after.
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              Thanks very much


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