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Need help on section 11 of Ontario Form 36

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  • Need help on section 11 of Ontario Form 36


    Trying to finalise very amicable divorce here before Xmas. :-)

    I have a question on section 11 of Ontario Form 36. We have a very similar salary and child support (3 children) is not requested for any of the children by both parties.
    Section 11.c has " The amount of support that should be paid according to the applicable table in the child support guidelines is" which I calculated (around 20$/month for all children)
    Section 11.d is "The amount of child support actually being paid is" Also "- Where the dollar amounts in clauses [c] and [d] are different, you must fill out the frame on the next page"

    My objective is to have no incidence on child dependancy with CRA where we both claim one of the children as a dependant. My understanding is that a potential $20/month child support would lead to changes in claimed dependant.

    Would you recommend that I enter $20 at section11.d because this information will not be reported to CRA or fill in some information at section 12 for 0$ and a rationale why this is 0$.

    Thanks for your help.

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    You include calculation of child support for both parents:

    Parent A pays child support in the amount of $Xx to Parent B. Parent B pays child support in the amount of $xx to Parent A. It's in your best interests to actually exchange the money both ways to create a paper trail as 'proof of payment', CRA can request that and if you can't provide proof of payment they can deny the application. Some parents have had success with the one parent paying the difference to the other, some have not.

    "Unless the order or written agreement clearly establishes that both parents are required to pay child support, only one parent is considered to be making child support payments. "


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