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Divorce or Separated and pensions

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  • Divorce or Separated and pensions

    Just curious about what happens when you are separated or divorced and there is pensions involved but the spouse entitled to part of your pension passes away before pension has started paying out, also if they pass away after the pension has started paying out….just wondering if the person with the pension that is still alive gets the full pension or the dead partners share just disappears.

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    Unless there is an order/agreement in place I don't think anything happens. That's why it's important to make sure you get something in writing.

    If the parties and separated and nothing is complete, the person wanting money would have to fight the estate.

    At least that's my knowledge, not a lawyer.


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      I did some research and you are correct. I guess if she does not have a will or spouse the government would get half my pension lol.

      If your former spouse dies before you retire

      If your former spouse dies before you retire and before receiving their share of your pension, we will pay their share to their estate or beneficiary. Your former spouse can only name a beneficiary if they are a limited member. If your former spouse is entitled to a share of your pension and has not become a limited member, their estate has 30 days to do so.


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        And thats only if there is an order for it. If she dies and there is no order in place for her to receive anything, you keep it.


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