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  • Success, In Contempt Article

    Has anyone read this article: Success, in contempt

    Speaks volumes of what some good dads have gone through.

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    I am absolutely, once again, astounded by the "justice" system and how it operates.


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      I agree. This was a crime committed by a parent, and a crime committed by the our justice system.


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        Wow. I'm feeling literally sick to my stomach after reading that article. What is wrong with people? With examples like that why would anyone bother to follow the law/agreements. So absolutely wrong.


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          Been There

          I couldn't agree more with comments made, but I am not at all surprised.

          One week ago I was in Court having brought a Contempt Motion against my ex wife. This was the third time! Finally a Judge admitted that all 3 motions were indeed Contempt, but he was reluctant to find her in Contempt because it is "quasi criminal". I see nothing "quasi" about it. It is criminal. But as long as she has boobs, I guess it doesn't matter.

          If I had done the same thing repeatedly as she has, I have no doubt I would have spent time in jail.

          They wonder why we have an attitude and laugh at the Orders they make. I can promise, I will only do exactly what I have, and want, to now and take full advantage of the law! In my case, I'm sure it will bite me.


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            I agree with the contempt issue - if you are in contempt you should be punished!

            The article though I thought was poorly written and inflamatory and provided so little details that it left me wondering what the judge knew that I didn't.


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              Yes. You're right. The article is incomplete. The one that appeared on the front page of the Globe and Mail on March 20 2009 is much better. It provided quote directly from the judge who condemns the mother who poisoned the relationship between the father and the daughter. I was disappointed that this article didn't reflect more accurately the original one, but the gist of it is there.

              For some time now, I was reluctant to publicly express my opinion that the courts are gender biased because I never wanted alienate the women on here or give them the impression that I'm anti-female because they too have very serious problems with the justice system and abusive partners. Their plight is real, and I can acknowledge this. But, I feel that I, and everyone involved (men and women), should tell it like it is and come forward and admit that there is a grave imbalance here that is hurting children. Men are victimized, but just in different ways, yet this is rarely acknowledged or taken as seriously, and I can't understand why. Too often professionals in Family Law, and even father activist groups, refuse to acknowledge this reality, or they simply buckle in despair under the overbearing magnitude of the problem. It's bewildering, and confusing, but I feel that, at some point, the pain that is suffered by decisions like these will become so great and widespread that it will pull us from our inertia and motivate us into action. Unfortunately, I can only imagine this energy coming from a person who has grown to adulthood having lived and suffered under this draconian system.

              Another important acknowledgement that is required is how psychological damage is just as serious as the physical. If the child of that article had been physically abused as well as psychologically, the courts would not have hesitated to grant the father custody.

              When will this nightmare ever end?


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                I agree that both the custodial and non-custodial parents should be held at the same standard. And not to sound like I am in agreement of a ruling to not in some manner "punish" the custodial parent for intentionally and repeatedly being in contempt, but a judge has to consider his/her judgment since any punishment that may result in jail time or even monetary would cause physical harm or emotional harm not only to the custodial parent but the children as well. Who suffers if mom is fined? The kids as they will suffer by way of reduced income for their needs. Similarly if jailed, who really suffers other then the pride of the mom? The kids, they not only are scared about what is happening they may blame themselves. Children have a way of making everything their fault even when we as adults know it couldn't possibly be. Do you get where I'm going with this? The laws as written favour the custodial parent, no question in my mind, but in order to get the message across to these parents the laws need to change so that the courts can impose a punishment that "will" deture future or continued contempt. Sure there are previsions to change the custodial order in favour of the non-custodial parent, but again you must look at how this emotionally affects the kids that are suddenly taken from mom and sent to live with dad, and again find a way to blame themselves for the turmoil.


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                  I understand why judges are reluctant to hold a parent in contempt, but I think what is missed here is that the abuse that these parents are already inflicting upon the children is just as damaging as potential jail time or fines. If children are feeling at fault for the behavior of a parent that is guilty of contempt, then could this not be considered an act of abuse to the child? ...and if so, why not award custody to the parent how is shown to be responsible, reliable and trustworthy?

                  Besides, if people can say any lie they want with impunity, there is no point in having a justice system at all. There is no point in even showing up at court. In fact, that is how I feel as a paying parent myself. I don't feel that I have any real recourse at all, and I know that I'm not alone here.

                  The Ontario Family Law system is like the Gong Show. It's ridiculous, and I have no respect for it.


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