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  • Question about Judges

    Just a question. Do judges read our applications? Or are they read mostly read by court clerks who then just brief the judge. I'm just wondering to what extent a judge gets involved in a case. I know the courts are busy these days...

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    Judges are fantastically busy. My experience is that they usually haven't read the application to any great detail, if at all. They would like to, but there simply isn't the time. This is why it's important to try and keep your submissions as concise as possible. If you submit a rambling, 10-page diatribe as an affadavit, you can bet the judge won't read a word.

    If it HAS to be a long submission, a one or two page summary at the front will I'm sure be appreciated and much more likely to be read. You can then reference more detail once things are being discussed.

    Also, go into court on the assumption that the judge hasn't read everything and that you will be called upon to sum up your issues then and there.


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      Thanks About Time. I figured as much. My application was quite long and detailed but my lawyer requested it that way. Most of it had to do with custody and visitation. I got sole custody. We have the financials left and the judge gave him 15 days to get it all together. Don't know how that will go.


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        I've been to court 3 different times. My lawyer always gives me an intro about the judge and my lawyer normally will give her opinion if the judge has read the documents filed.

        First time I'm not sure if the judge read it, he was on a strict schedule to be somewhere "important" at 3PM. The next 2 times both judges had read everything.



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