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Does it ever end, do I need an affidavit before Motion

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  • Does it ever end, do I need an affidavit before Motion

    do I need an affidavit before Motion to add more information?

    went to courts to file 14B and all the paperwork as the ex did not submit her answer, they said wait until the court date. In the original motion to change, there is no statement that I'd like to try to at least supply the ex with 50-100 a month in CS which I'd like to let the judge know, also, there is no evidence of searching for work, I do have copies of everything I have applied for and a couple of rejection letters. Also, would I need a letter from my doctor saying that he would not give me a clean bill of health to go back to my previous job due to my injury and a letter from my employer that they have no modified duties for me

    My question is, should I file an affidavit before the court date about my search for work including the letters as evidence?

    Does it ever end?

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    I know how frustrating it can be to figure out what the Court wants and needs (they are not always the same thing).

    I filed a Factum and wanted to include some updated information, but was told I could not add anything to a Factum as exhibits. They also told me I can file an additional Affidavit at any time for any Motion as long as it is served and filed correctly.

    So I guess the answer is that you can include anything new you want the judge or other party to know, or new evidence or exhibits to anything as long as you do it properly.

    Don't count on learning everything from the Court when you ask unless you are also able to read their minds to figure out what they are not telling you!


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