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  • Divorce Query

    I am married to Canadian Citizen Girl.I was married in India on nov 18 2008. After an year I came to Canada on nov 7 2009 after a week there was some argument between me and my wife as a result she laid allegations of domestic violence against me which were prooven false by police and i was relesed there and then.

    I was very upset with all this and came to back to India. I am planning to move back to Canada as i want to take divorce.

    My questions are.

    1 i left her house on 16 nov 2008 since then I am in India and seperated, Can i file for divorce after an year in some other city may be vancouver.

    2 Can i file for No fault divorce or desk order divorce on basis of one year seperation.

    3 Will my divorce be Uncontested based on one seperation as we don have child and there is property issues from side as she sponsered me to come to Canada.

    Please help i want to start my life!!!
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