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  • Good Lawyers!

    Hi there. I am looking for a good lawyer in Ottawa area and wondering how you can tell a good lawyer from a bad one? What are the characteristics of a good lawyer who would really work for you and cares about your case? Is there a way to find out about a lawyer by asking any paricular question e.t.c.?
    Thanks everyone.

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    First off, remember there are no bargains. You get what you pay for. If they tell you their hourly rate is $150 then there is a reason for that and cross that one off your list. If you want a really good lawyer be prepared for north of $400. Only use a lawyer like that if you think you can close your case. No need to bring that type of talent to the table if you are still only spinning your wheels so to speak. Also, search on CANLII to see if they have a history. Ask the question what percentage of their practice is family law and what else to they practice. Of that percentage which is the further breakdown between male and female. Also, you have to feel comfortable with your lawyer. If he/she is going to bulldoze over you then you need another lawyer. Another thing that is really helpful is to go to court and watch motions and or trials. See what they are like in action. If you like the lawyer then ask if he has an upcoming appearance and would he/she mind if you attended. Good luck, I know it is a terrible thing to have to do.


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      Hi..I have to disagree, we have had cheap ($150 per hour), expensive,
      ($300 p/h) and $250. per hour.. I can tell you that the most expensive lawyer came to court totally unprepared and unfamiliar with my husbands case. That is the 64 million dollar question, how do you find a good lawyer, if you do find out, please let me know too!!!



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        I had lawyers for 3 ranges, $150/hr, $250/hr, and $500/hr. The rate difference did show not only the quallity of service, but the efficiency and productivity. For example, $150/hr lawyer took 9 hours for finasncial statement while $250/hr lawyer took 2.5 hour. $500/hr lawyer did such a creative "art" work on my document that I've never imagined. You got to see how "smart & quick" they are in a half hour consultation.


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          In my experience, the best lawyers are not the ones that guarantee victory, but the ones that are honest and frank about your chances.

          Just my 2¢.


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