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Need help with motion to change support

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  • Need help with motion to change support

    Hi, I am trying to have my child support lowered as I was layed off recently and am on Employment Insurance. I am just not sure if I have all the right forms. first I file with the court Form 15 motion to change
    Form 15A Change information
    now do I need to file from 13:1 financial statement if I am going to provide my statements from EI of how much they are paying me?

    Do I have to file with the court from 6B Affidavit of Service, or do I just give it to her lawyer?

    Then I am supposed to give a copy of my form 15 motion to change
    form 15A change information
    to her lawyer along with blank copies for her to fill out of

    form 15B response to motion to change
    form 15C consent motion to change
    and if I need to fill out from 13 financial statement do I then give her a blank copy for her to fill out? this is so confusing.

    Please if anyone has done this before please help!

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    Yes, anytime an application for support or change in support, you must include a revised financial statement. It is important to have the most recent financial picture, preferably accurate within 7 days of the court date, or as much as 30 days old. Anything older should be updated and all supporting documentation should be included as well.


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