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Abuse & Spousal Support

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  • Abuse & Spousal Support

    As a Disabled Woman who was abused by her spouse, Does anyone know if I will get Spousal support for me until I die?
    I get a small supplement from ODSP and the rest is CPP disability.

    I have a small child and get no help from the father. In fact he did not answer our court motion which we allowed to stay open for 1 year and 6 months.
    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I need to get some money coming in so that I can properly take care of my child.

    Thanks to all who contribute to this forum

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    Lawyer Referral Information for the Public

    My understanding is, in order to qualify for any Spousal Support there has to be an established need for one partner as well as the financial ability to pay by the other partner.
    Your situation is very heartening and I would not wish it on my worst enemies, but abuse, in and of itself is not sufficient for a claim for SS.
    Below is some information to get some legal help.
    At the very minimum you should seek support for the child. The financial obligation to support a child of a relationship is guaranteed.

    Lawyer Referral Information for the Public.

    Potential clients can phone this centralized 900 number (1-900-565-4577).
    A trained LRS specialist gives the caller the name and phone number of a local LRS member lawyer who has shown a willingness to take cases in the indicated geographical area and area of law, and a referral number.
    Callers are advised that legal work is not covered by the free consultation
    A $6.00 charge is automatically added to the caller's phone bill.
    Members on the service are qualified to practice law in Ontario, and have noted their fields of expertise.
    A free consultation by phone or in person of up to 30 minutes is then given by the referred lawyer.
    A toll-free number is maintained for those who are incarcerated or in domestic abuse situations or minors(under the age of 18).


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