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Canlii database-how many here are in there?

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  • Canlii database-how many here are in there?

    I was shocked to find today a copy of an order on Canlii that was made while my ex and I were at motions court recently.

    We have been going through the legal system for over four years and not one other motion is on there.

    Does anyone know the protocol for putting these on there?

    I hate our personal business being even more public than it already seems.

    A trial date has since been set in my situation and I was under the impression trial rulings are put on canlii. So I am prepared for this, just not seeing our motions online!!

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    my stuff is not on canlii...however we will do the case conference for a motion next it will be interesting to see if its online. I would be interested to know gets on canlii...



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      I actually spoke with the people at CANLII to ask what is actually on there pursuant to a case I expected to see. When I presented the case, they advised that since this is a "verbal" decision, it would not likely appear. This case was a plea on a murder case.


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