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What needs to be in place before leaving

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  • What needs to be in place before leaving

    My Spouse, who will be moving out of the family home, has been advised not to move out until agreements (parenting and financial) are in place. What does this really mean? Do we have to have everything worked out and finalized for forever or is there some basic agreement that needs to be done? It's already been many weeks and I don't see us anywhere near getting all the longer term stuff worked out and him moving out and it's getting worse for all concerned.

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    The general rule is not to move out for as long a possible to maintain any rights to access/custody, as well as equity in the matrimonial home.
    Having a separation agreement would allow him to move out sooner yet still protect his rights to both.

    This is generally a temporary order that outlines the primary issues of support and assets etc. A lawyer could better explain what his options are for leaving etc.


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