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Ex not willing to work

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  • Ex not willing to work

    We have a provincial court order which gives me the custody and spousal support to my ex. Early 2008, ex got cancer and underwent surgery. She was on chemo for 6 months. During this, ex brought a motion in provincial court to vary the spousal support and custody order. The variation proceeding was merged with divorce application in superior court. Also during early 2008, I consented to increase the spousal support because of her health conditions. Later in 2008, ex brought a motion to get OCL on board. We were told by the judge that superior court could not vary provincial orders. Q: Does that mean the consent order to vary the spousal support is null and void? Do I bring a motion to get the voided?

    Later in 2008, we consented that superior court has jurisdiction over the matter and got OCL too. We, however, did not ratify the earlier court order.

    Ex is now fully recovered but not looking for work. I asked her lawyer update of her her condition. My first request was ignored and in response to second request I was told that she was looking for work. I then asked her lawyer evidence that she was looking for work. She refused to give me such evidence. Q: what should I do? Should I keep asking or bring a motion?

    The provincial court order stipulated that the support would end during this year. The temporary order to increase the support did not speak of a date. Q: Does that mean a) there is no end date of the support now, or b) the support will end as per original court order?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Your dates and questions are confusing. Please itemize them.


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