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Questions about Ontario Divorce from an American.

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  • Questions about Ontario Divorce from an American.

    I am currently trying to proceed with divorce against my ex-husband. He is an american citizen and resides in the USA. I am canadian and have lived in Ontario my whole life.

    This is uncontested and we are both agreeing with everything. But I am not sure how to proceed. I need to know if I sign everything, then mail all the papers to him, have him sign them and have them notarized, then send them back to me, can I just file them? or do I have to have him served? and how many times do I have to have him served? I'm just confused and need some clarification on this.

    I am supposed to be getting re-married in June and this needs to be done ASAP.


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    You should call the lawyer referral program where you can get a half hour free advice. Directory of Justice Services and Resources in Ontario


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      There is an interjurisdictional support order act, for support orders. I would think there is something in place for your issue as well maybe the Ministry of Community and Social Services or the Ministry of the Attorney office 1–800–518–7901 could answer that for you.


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