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I signed now am I stuck?

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  • About_Time
    I'd like to be optimistic here, but you are probably screwed. If you accepted the agreement before a judge and signed the document, they will hold you to it. If you try to get out of it by saying that you felt pressured and had no lawyer, they will simply say that you should have BROUGHT a lawyer or asked for more time to review the agreement or whatever.

    The upside to the agreement is that if you make some headway in your relationship with the kids, then your ex is limited in her ability to stop them seeing you if they want. Concentrate on repairing and improving that relationship and from now on, don't sign ANYTHING you aren't 100% sure about.

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  • Ihave2kidsIcannotsee
    started a topic I signed now am I stuck?

    I signed now am I stuck?

    I recently went to court and as my ex put in a motion to change support. We were there form 11:00 till 5:00pm and I felt pressured by the judge and the children's lawyer to sign a statement that stated I would not pursue my access rights and leave it up to the children to decide to see me when they wanted to. I believe my ex has bad mouthed me every chance she has to my children so I wanted to have a psychologist become involved to see if this is indeed happening am I stuck to what I signed now I wish I had not signed it I was just so tired of the pressure and I guess I cracked I did not have a lawyer at the time do you think I could plead that I had no legal coucsil and didn't know what I was signing at the time? or am I just stuck and unable to pursue this issue now? Please any help would be appreciated. I wish I was a lawyer or my wife was then I would not be in this mess.
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