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  • Abandonment

    How long must I wait in Ontario and what are the conditions to divorce on the grounds of abandonment/desertion? My husband left me in November, and is being difficult in obtaining a divorce. He left me without warning, and he left a bogus note. I have proof that he left me, and I believe that he will not return as he lives in England and I am in Canada. Thankyou.

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    it may be just as easy to wait a year and divorce then using the years separtion as cause. It may be cheaper also (not sure about that though)


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      This is correct.
      The easiest way to obtain a divorce in Ontario is to wait the one year, provide proof of the one year separation, and make sure to outline any outstanding issues, IE any potential for support.

      If there are no children involved simply state such, if children are involved request to have all issues of support separated (to be dealt with separately) from the request for divorce and seek to have the divorce granted based on the 1 year.


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        if you wait a year and there are any joint debts that you have you must provide in writing to any creditors that you are no longer responsible for any debt incurred by him after the specified date as you are now separated. This will ensure you credit in not ruined


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