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So...How long was YOUR case conference brief?

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  • So...How long was YOUR case conference brief?

    Just outta' curiosity:

    How many pages was your FIRST case conference brief including any evidence and the original 4 page document?

    Also...what was your outcome?

    Thanks in advance...our first case conference is at the end of the month and hers was only the 4 page form...ours is getting lengthy.

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    Well, our Brief is currently 7 pages, without any exhibits (i.e. "evidence"). I plan on attaching about 3-4 pages of exhibits once I come close to finalizing everything closer to our end-Feb court date.

    Our Brief from our 1st Case Conference at our last "trip to court" was 7 pages without exhibits. The outcome was pretty fair.


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      We had two of case conferences, two settlement conferences and one trial management conference.

      The brief in each was only 2-3 pages. You have to strike a balance between getting the point across and keeping the judge interested. It's tough.


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