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  • divorce

    Can someone please help with leting me know what forms to fill out for divorce if you arre the respondant in a custody case

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    This site has all forms necessary for divorce/support etc.
    Your local court house can guide you on which ones your particular case requires, how to fill them out and file them, and what the deadlines are.


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      thanks. I am having problems with Form 8A, I am not sure who is the applicant and who is the Respondant as we have a court file for custaday which is now finished


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        if you are filing for a divorce it means that you will be the Applicant as this is in the Superior court and not the Ontario court.


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          even though we are already the respondant with the same court file number. Also, the final court order says that the other person will not contest it. Can we file for 36 and 25A at the same time


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            Does anyone know if form 8E (Summary of Court Cases) is still required? The Family Guide still has it but the form is in the arhive. If we just include the final court order, should that be sufficient for the Divorce Order?


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              depending on your case if it is contested or not contested. The guide will state which form to use. In most cases you will file your application, with an original or the marriage license along with any separation agreements and final orders.

              Hope that helps you out


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