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Separation agreement

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  • Separation agreement

    Is there a standard separtion agreement template that you fill in or does the lawyer have to do all of it?

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    Here is a link to a "sample".

    Sample Separation Agreement - Divorce & Family Law Center

    An agreement does not have to follow any other agreement as all separations have their own unique areas that need and should be addressed their own way.

    What is included need only be agreed to by both parties that have legal representation or have had legal advise as to the ramification of signing said agreement.
    And the agreement must be sworn.


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      Thanks for the info is there a average cost for a divorce I have heard some very high numbers 60 70 k if we do most of the work is it more reasonable and is the meadiator route a good alternative?


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        There is no "average cost".
        All lawyer fees are time sensitive.
        The more they have to do the higher the bill.
        The more you do, including filling out forms and filing documents, the lower the bill.
        If you are both in agreement, I would prepare the agreement, then have a lawyer or lawyer in training (not sure of the title) review it for accuracy and compliance to format etc.
        Ask about potential consequences to each point agreed on, and if everything is in order, sign it in front of a witness and have it sworn. Then you can have it filed into the court records. Having done all the foot work, using a lawyer for legal reasons and to validate the agreement will significantly reduce your costs.


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          We had a high conflict separation, custody (80&#37 and property divison (20%) being the big issues. It went on for 1 1/2 years with plenty o' mud slinging and acrimony along the way.

          Cost me $65K, her about the same. We got close to trial (trial managment conference was held), which would have doubled the bill.

          If you're reasonable with each other you can it do it for as little as a couple of grand.
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            We had a mediation meeting with both our Lawyers present (after we sold our house and paid the bills) to settle Spousal Support. Once that was done and signed, I included the settlement in the Divorce petition. Here in NB we can do our own divorce with a standard government issue package. We can have a friend do the serving once one of the package forms is filled out, so that was no cost. My Lawyer's bill was $1200 but she gave me a $200 discount because I supplied copies of all financial papers. Therefore bill was $1000 which she took from the settlement cheque. The cost of doing the divorce papers myself was $125. I had to send it back to the judge 4 times for proper wording, which took six months, but was worth all the frustration.

            Total $1125.00


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              Thanks for the information will try the reasonable approach should be ok


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